I’ve given up many addictions and bad habits over the years. But giving up sugar, especially ice cream, seems to be impossible.

From my research, I’ve found that Big Food calls it “The Bliss Point”. It is the level of sweetness that is irresistible.

Supposedly, the physical craving will leave after 4 days if one completely abstains from eating sugar. That might be true. But the mental obsession is what makes me return to ice cream.

Ice cream is not the worst of it though. Ice cream is the gateway drug that leads me to the eating of wheat products. Wheat products cause me to spiral downwards quickly. I actually become suicidal after days of eating wheat products. I know that sounds unbelievable. But I have tracked my patterns of eating along with my patterns of depression, especially suicidal ideation. There is a wheat connection for me.

The ice cream danger is that it always leads me back to wheat.

I enjoy hiking, biking, working out, & playing. I find meaning in spending time with friends, especially when we get into deep discussions.

I’m a writer, teacher, & entrepreneur. I create websites. I create guides & puzzle books.

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